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For those of you who prefer an article that you can read instead of asking me pet health and behavior questions, I've set up this section where you can find answers to your most common pet health and behavior questions. In our hurried and hassled existence, it is often difficult to find adequate time to find answers to questions that plague our pet's health. A visit to the vet is a great way to find the answers you are looking for but more often than not, you may find that sometimes the visit may result in more questions being raised that weren't addressed during the consultation or the disease that you pet was diagnosed with wasn't explained in detail to you. Alternatively, the shock of the diagnosis left you numb and the questions about your pet only surfaced after the initial shock wore off and you had already left the vet's practice and are at home worrying about your pet. This is why Ask The Vet was set up - it was set up to provide pet owners with a means to get direct information about their pet's health problems either through the email system and direct communication with Dr Lilian or through this new system where an article about the condition or behavior problem is addressed in a comprehensive way.

Each article costs just $3.95. How the system works it that you locate the article that interests you - click on your payment of choice for that particular article and proceed to payment afterwhich you will be directed to your article of choice which you can either read or print out. If you can't find the answers you are looking for here, you can ask the online vet (Dr Lilian)., Inc. is the exclusive authorized retailer of goods and services provided by Ask-The-Vet.

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